About Us

Well you might be interested to attend to one of my seminars or fitness class, which ever it is, I think you deserve to know a bit about me:

My name is Veronica, I'm married and a mother of one - Elena. Middle of 2007 when my daughter was born, like all mothers alike I wanted to learn everything overnight which was not possible. I started meeting new mothers and I had this passion that everything I knew I wanted to share. Being at home most of the time with my newborn led me to very little socialising and started wondering how many more mothers in Malta was in the same situation. That is when I came up with idea to start organising my own seminars for parents.. a socialising and informative point where you could bring your baby or toddler along to socialise and learn in the same time.

This is the third year that I am organising such events and it is always a great pleasure to meet new parents and children every month.  

During these seminars as a group of parents struggling on this same boat – some of us at the same time, some that are yet to come and others that have been through it before us have the opportunity to meet up and share our experiences. I invite various speakers such as psychologists, pediatricians, midwives, dentists ect to participate with a talk.

Samples, discount cards, gift bags and other information leaflets are handed out to every mother.

"the opportunity to meet up and share our experiences"

Members Feedback

“Wanted to congratulate you on how well and informative you talk. You transfer a certain light and happiness, you got a really good vibe girl!!! Good luck on your future projections...”

Let's Talk About Babies was founded in 2007 and forms part of EVENT SOLUTIONS.