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Dear Parents,

I'm Veronica, I would like to Welcome you to our fresh new look website. I'm the Activity Organiser for Let's Talk About Babies. I'm a parent myself and when i started out about 3 years ago there weren't as much informative seminars and still aren't that are 100% educational and informative but rather commercialised by a brand. Although Let's talk about babies is backed by it's own sponsors that i personally believe in thanks to them and their belief in what i do is what makes the seminars succesful and ongoing from year to another.

Every month a seminar is organised for parents where speakers are invited to talk about various subjects such as: Breastfeeding, Potty Training, Dental Care, First Aid, Tantrums and many informative subjects starting from pregnancy up to 5 years of age.

You are very welcome to share your suggestions with regards to topics that you wish to be discussed by sending an e-mail at aboutbabies@gmail.com. Complimenting these seminars an e-newsletter is sent between events filled with informative articles, offers and competitions. Should you wish wish to recieve it, you can register online and I will be happy to send you any updates including the e-newsletter and any info at hand.

Hope you will enjoy this new website and that I will have the pleasure to meet you at one of my activities that I organise.



Activity Organiser 

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